Congress participants are kindly invited to submit their abstracts no later than April 15th, 2020. using a form on page https://contres.hr/en/. Abstracts should be focused on one of the Congress topics. Abstracts will be accepted for Poster Sessions or Oral Sessions.


  • The summary is written in the Croatian or English language, and only Microsoft Word for Windows may be used
  • Font Times New Roman, size 12 pt, line spacing 1.5, Paragraph Align Text Left
  • Margins Normal (Top, Left, Bottom, Right 2.5 cm)
  • Title of the summary Paragraph Align Text Left, Bold, UPPER CASE
  • The names of the authors, one under the other (without citing their titles) is written under the title, and separated by a comma, Paragraph Align Text Left
  • The name of the author presenting the paper is underlined (Underline)
  • Cite the initials of the author’s name and surname, and superscript to indicate the institution where the author comes from (e.g., M. Horvat1, P. Jukic2)
  • In front the of the name of the institution where the author comes from, the respective number in superscript should be written: (e.g., 1Sisters of Charity University Hospital, Gynaecology and Obstetrics Clinic, Zagreb, Croatia; 2School of Medicine, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia)
  • Each summary must have an introduction, goal, material and methods, results and conclusion with an emphasis on new and important facts, except if the authors present the paper in the form of a “case report”
  • Keywords are written separately at the end of the summary (3-6 keywords)
  • Maximum length of the summary is 400 words
  • Summaries are sent without pictures, graphs and tables


Finally, the summary must include:

  • The contact person’s email address
  • The type of presentation (oral or poster presentation)
  • General topic